Friday, June 16, 2017

Spiritual Journey Post I: Bird Whisperer


Today was yet again another eye opening day. More awakenings & awesome magic.
Was up quite early for my morning walk down the canal love my first daily Vitamin D dose.
[Didn't make it quite the 3 miles as I made a detour to the grocery store]
The sun was just the right amount of light to wake me up a bit.

I left the house knowing a few things of what I wanted to get.
Strolled into the grocery store for a couple things, well, a couple things turned into a basket.
We all know how that works - don't we?
Ending up carrying more bags home than usual.

Upon putting groceries away I felt the need to go out back, in what I consider, my sanctuary.
An oasis of greenery, light, water, color, birds, life & love - so much generous love that is emitted from the backyard. Ask anyone who's ever been or lived here & they will tell you it's magic.
I started to see some new weeds growing in the horse shoe pit, prior I came to see the a to do list, with one line that read


This is a long stretch of green amazingness. It's grown so much over the past 7 years & just keeps growing. I call him my "Green Man" because I know he's alive. He's been with me for quite some time now & I must respect him as this is also his yard, his home, his throne. Plants are breathing, living, creatures. They have feelings, they have faces, they have life - we must respect MOTHER EARTH & all of her creations big of small.

So i started to give him a major trim from top to bottom, it reminds me of when I get a haircut, how much weight they take off. I know he's relieved.
Prior to Edward Scissor-handing him there were so many spider webs & bugs that engulfed him.
I'm sorry I neglected you so long, as bad as i feel for destroying this amazing WEB [must have taken a really long time] I needed to get my GREEN MAN back in working order.

I spent the next 2 hours picking up remnants, trimming, pruning, & watering the plants \ hosing off the deck, making sure to bless every leaf, blade of grass, inch of cement & patio.
"SHHHHHH" its like when you get out of a shower, super clean - instantly better.
I asked P if it felt any different, I could feel it right away - so much neglect & abuse vanished.
"Not really besides that bird that just hit your window," he replied.

NOW.......... this is the whole reason I started this in the first place, this off the cuff entry. I mean it's been what, 2, 3, 4 years?? I can't event remember, but yesterday I had the same thing happen.
A small pigeon flew right into my window while i was out. I had no idea how long it had been laying there helpless. [my reaction when I seen it was astounded]

By the way, it's like 100-109 here right now so you can imagine all the hectic taking place due to the heat. I however have been in NYC for Fall/Winter so I'm soaking every bit of the sun & golden rays!
So back to my story, just a couple hours ago, another bird flew into the window - I stopped what I was doing, went up the spiral staircase & low & behold there it was. I let out a heavy sigh.

Now, these past couple days, birds & insects have been calling to me. I'm a firm believer on animal totems & spiritual beings so I follow these things religiously.
Owls have been following me the most, but I have seen quite the few: Commodore, which I've never seen in my entire life, the usual neighborhood canal ducks, crows [quite a few] & all types of little ones.

So before deciding what to do with the birds, RIP little guys, I was meditating for a good hour & taking to the Sun & Mother Earth : Mother, Father, GOD. Tears continually ran down my face, some real in depth connecting with the universe - goosebumps, wind gusts, trees swaying, & the wind chimes were speaking to me through "gongs".

Talk to the universe, I promise it will talk back, just make sure your intention is coming from a good place, make it less about your ego, ask questions, listen, wait, ask more questions, use this moment to be one with yourself & your angels. Talking out loud helps, words speak volumes, & are spells - so please be careful what you write or say because it generates & manifests.

it dawned on me the day before the first one collapsed I wrote on my bathroom mirror to add to the rest of my affirmations

"Be a flamingo, in a flock of pigeons"

Now, I would never wish ill well on anyone, I don't have the heart for it. I care to much, I'm a healer, an empath, an light energy worker, a spiritual being just hear to lend a hand of healing touch.
We are magical & powerful beyond measures, but it doesn't work if you aren't being true to yourself.
WHITE WING COLLECTIVE - guardian angels & spirits of your past exist, seek ascension.

I went into the garage to grab a small box, grabbed some fabric - this one specifically had birds on it, grabbed a rock I brought back from Malibu, wrote PHOENIX with a sharpie on it, a gold leaf & 2 plants to pot for 2 lives. I saged it 3 times at this point, chanting "ohm" as I covered the box 2 ft down with the dirt I shoveled up.

[I've never done this before, I was just doing my duty to the world & also, the birds watching me. I"m telling you think I might be an animal/insect/creature whisperer - I'm saving insects all the time, especially BEES, which is supposed to represent Summer Surrounding, ironic cause Summer Solstice is coming up! Right after I patted it back into place, I instantly felt a lift off my shoulders & a wave of beaks speaking to me.

Remember, we are protected. I am protected. We are loved. I am loved. We are enough. I am enough.
We are abundant, I am abundant. We are one, the universe is one.
Breathing, coexisting & conscious of each breath, thought, feeling. This is why it's important for us to touch someone's else's life before it's too late for them. You see someone struggling, say something.
Do something. Be the light.

I work in the dark, to serve the light. There are very few of us left. The path isn't for all, so please don't meddle. Stay protected & like Cherish Coole says, "Love & Light" ALWAYS!!


In the past month I have encountered coyotes, snakes, snails, cats, butterflies, hummingbirds, a bat, &  lizards. It's been quite the journey if you follow animal symbolisms & angel #'s - sacred scribe journal. Thanks for reading. :)

You can use this link:
Or for Angel Numbers

- Leroux

<3   King of Hearts
Oo  Owl King

Sunday, April 10, 2016

#NYFWM Fall/ Winter 2016 Part I

#NYFWM Fall/Winter 2016 

       Here I sit 35,000 ft. above the ground, somewhere above between Arizona & New Mexico heading to St. Louis to make my connecting flight to La Guardia. I can’t help during times like this, but pull out my Macbook Air & start, what seems like a year in the making, catching up on my fashion blog that I seem to have lacked over the past month or so. I’ve been pretty busy with work, home, NYFWM, NYFW, Coterie, The Oscars, but it’s no excuse. it seems to never end for me & after staring at a screen for a majority of the day during the work hours, the last thing I want to do is open up the bright screen before me & start putting my thoughts into a document for those of you that choose to follow me & read. [I value your time]  Don’t judge me, I can feel you rolling your eyes at me- I can’t help but get kind of deep & philosophical when I write, so it takes me some concentration & time to put it all into words; but hey this is my blog, if you want entertainment go read Perez Hilton or turn on E! This is my life & “you’re welcome” that I choose to share it with you, we have a voice in this world, the question is how will you choose to use yours?  

Since we’re on the topic of life, slowly, but surely we begin to look at life with a little bit more pep in our step, more of an interest year after year, where we’re eager to learn about new things day in & day out, at least that’s the way I’ve felt about it since I was a little boy. Always hoping for the best, sometimes being let down, but having the drive to continue on regardless of the obstacles of accomplishments we’ve overcame. In a world where sometimes it seems that everything around you is in a sudden frenzy of discombobulation we have to remain positive & never stop dreaming because once we let go of our hope, what else do we have left to strive for? We have to understand that everything we speak, word for word, these are the things we manifest for ourselves into existence. I think that’s where the term, “Be careful what you wish for,” comes from & the POWER of words & what it can do for US. Positivity breeds positivity. Let’s not forget this!

Above: iPhone shot of half of the fashionable crowd  the Archetype Showroom + Galore Group FW 16 Presentation on January 28, 2016 at their new showroom, located in downtown NYC. 

Below: Another iPhone photo of the section of the NYFWM Presentation at the Galore Group FW 16 Men’s Collection showcasing WHYRED & ENTER. 

       I have to say this year was the first year I actually went for something so drastic I even surprised myself with the decision I made- that was to pack up my clothes, book a one way & move to the beautiful NYC. Mind it, that was about 7 months ago today, but we’ll talk about this at a later date to be decided, for now let’s get back to the subject at hand- FASHION

NYFWM started out quite chic this season, this being my first one, which I was excited to be apart of in every way. What I was hoping for this season, I necessarily wasn’t aware, it wasn’t  celebrities, it wasn’t the parties, it wasn’t the models, so what was it? I think I have fully allowed myself to be engulfed into fashion in every way that I’m just excited to experience something fresh & new. When I can do these things with new & old fashionistas I find it even more entertaining & enjoyable, imagine a “Sex In The City” type group, but everyone’s dressed to the 9’s & having knowledge that stemmed from everything art, music, fashion, architecture, etc. - most of which are underprivileged artists

Earlier this year I met a fellow fashion enthusiast Per, through Kerime Ataker, President & Co-Founder of John Paul Ataker, the fashion brand I work for. He came into the showroom one day just to say hi to Ms. Ataker & I later found out he has his own showroom, Galore Group, which also doubles as a PR & Marketing company for men’s & women’s clothing & accessory brands. Per caters to designers from Sweden & brings them to the US market, whether it be trade shows, photoshoots, or direct sales helping them to branch in to the US fashion industry.

It just so happened that they personally invited me to their NYFWM Fall/Winter 2016 Presentation in association with Archetype Showroom so what better what to start my week than with a great social event to network with fellow fashion people, clothes, shoes, bags, cocktails, photographers, what more could you ask for in our industry. Mind it, this was my first NYFWM function so I wasn’t sure what to expect, & when you already put yourself into a new situation, you can’t help but be shy for the first hour or so, at least until the liquid courage creeps in. I was grateful my amazing fashion photographer friend Dhrumil was with me cause he didn’t hesitate to meet & greet people left & right- I like the way this guy works with no fear what so ever. Business cards being traded, hands being met, smiles being exchanged, small banter back & forth, joyful laughs, cameras flashing, so basically a good time with good vibes. Dhrumil & I, met a couple of new people, including this very fashionable, inspiring group of young people that seemed to have known each other for years, or what seems to be a lifetime. This group included a photographer, blogger & social media savvy fashionista. This only reminds me, “Bring your A+ game if you plan on coming to NYC.”   

Left to right: DHRUMIL DESAI [], JACK RAY founder of [], IGEE OKAFOR Menswear Enthusiast [], myself ANTHONY LEROUX] & DELANIQUE MILLWOOD editor of Serving Style NYC.

Anthony Leroux 

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Please tell me you've seen the new TOM FORD WOMENSWEAR SS16 video featuring top models like Lucky Blue Smith & Mica Arganaraz, with a special guest appearance by none other than Lady Gaga. She performs, "I Want Your Love" by the hit group Chic, in collaboration with Nile Rogers produced by Riot City

Directed by Nick Knight 
Director of Photography is Benoit Delhomme.

If you haven't seen the video, you can scroll down to the bottom of this page & view it for yourself. I warn you for an eyegasm of major proportions! Grab the popcorn. :P 

You're welcome.

First, the Italian fashion company named the "Applause" singer the face of Versace's Spring/Summer 2014  campaign 
(as seen here in Versace's campaign ads)

 & now Gaga does TOM FORD. 

I wonder what she will do next in fashion. Could she possibly be joining the ranks of designers? Who knows, whatever she does I'll be watching. #mamamonster

What do you think of her bold platinum hair & eyebrow look in TOM FORD WWSS16 cinematic video? 

"Instead of having a traditional show this season I wanted to think about how to present a collection in a cinematic way that was designed from it's inception to be presented online. I have always loved, "Soul Train" which used to be on TV in the 70's; as it was much about the clothes as the music. I asked Nile Rogers to collaborate on a new version of one of his great hits from that time, "I Want Your Love," & worked with Gaga to record the vocals. I then staged a full show in Los Angeles & filmed it with Gaga on the runway, Nick Knight directing & Benoit Delhomme as our Director of Photography." - Tom Ford

I absolutely, positively love, love, love everything about this video campaign for TOM FORD's WWSS16. It's clearly a masterpiece, as only TF can do, a staple of this man's whole being. 

The energy.
The dancing.
The song.
The clothes.
The models.
The freedom.
The boldness.
The videography.
Tom Ford.
Period. Point. Blank.

Tom Ford debuted his Spring/Summer 2016 Womenswear collection in a video on TOMFORD.COM. Released in conjunction with Paris Fashion Week, the video features Lady Gaga alongside models Mica Arga, Lexi Bolling, Kayla Scott, Xaio Wen Ju, Valery Kaufman, Aymeline Valade, Lida Fox, Lucky Blue Smith, Alex Dunstan, David Agbodji and Tarun Nijjer.

To view the full collection visit 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

September 24, 2015


The Neaux Urban Man of the City

Written By: Anthony Leroux

Fedora: Zara. Jeans: H&M. Necklace: Syd Rocks. Necklace: Leroux Green Man Pendant. Bracelets: Gypsy Bound.

     Transitioning from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter every year isn’t an easy task. I mean unless you use your fashion catalogs & window displays at your local favorite shopping stores, than it might be a little more easier for you. But ask yourself, “Do I really want to copy something direct from the mannequin?”, I think we should only take & pull certain pieces & ideas, tweak them, add our own touch, create a self-proclaimed idea of what something should be & own it. Don’t be basic, nobody likes a basic. 

Now……imagine a city, in which, fashion wasn’t necessarily meant to be followed, but was meant to be pushed to it’s boundaries. A place where if you had the same style as someone else, you were looked at differently, than if you were wearing something similar. A world where the limit does not exist. Where all things are possible & created because of the “will” you put into the universe; when things are put out, whether it be positive or negative, they are made into existence for your sake. A “be careful what you wish for” kind of omen. Now take that same city & enter Mr. Mickey, a beautiful Michelangelo of a man, a fashion architect in his own that can honestly do no wrong in any composition. A man with the ability to take any article of clothing he can grab, throw it together & make it look so impeccable that people ask themselves, “How is that even possible?” 

  It seems like a big trend this past summer was wearing no socks with dress shoes. While it seems that things are remaining rigid, they’re really addressing the idea of dressing for a lifestyle. You can take the direct looks you see on mannequins in your favorite stores & throw them out the window; the window displays aren’t meant to be copied direct, but to show a way that you can wear that certain piece you seem to have your eye on. Throw on that beautifully constructed Versace like blazer with no shirt underneath, put on some light-weight, fitted, white jeans, accessorize with complimentary metal & leather accessories. You can lose the socks when you throw on those suede loafers. Who says you have to wear a shirt when traveling the city? Place yourself in Miami or Havana & walk out the door to your destination. If we look at fashion today, it doesn’t make sense, but when has fashion ever made sense? It doesn’t need to make sense, just fashion sense.

90’s Versace/ Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Look: Blazer: Platini X Black Label. Jeans: Bullhead. Belt: Streets Ahead. Loafers: Nordstrom. Sunglasses: Spitfire. Necklace: H&M.  Bracelets: Gypsy Bound. Watch: Geoffrey Beene.

     But the true stamp of the fashion architect influence here is the hair.

  On the streets of Mr. Mickey’s town, he wears perfect as if he’s a world renowned coiffeur, he styles it from slightly pompadoured to slick back, even a more greaser look where it looks as if he reached into his glove department & grabbed some hair wax to drown his hair in. Giddy up, Pony Boy Curtis. With influences from Johnny Depp in Cry Baby or James Dean in pretty much anything he ever was seen in, this man is straight up a sponge for anything classic. Throw on those ripped up jeans that look as if they’ve been worn to every dive bar in the city, & those ratty Chuck Taylor’s that have tasted every morsel of sand in every sandlot & choked on it for years, & heads for the door, but not before that heavy, studded, leather jacket goes off the coat rack &  over the shoulder. But don’t forget to run your hands through your hair one last time in that mirror you have hanging for those last minute double takes. 

Greaser On The Street Look: Jacket: L.A. Roxx. Jeans: H&M. Shoes: Chuck Taylor Converse. Bracelet: Gypsy Bound.

     After parading the streets for the day, Mr. Mickey decides on heading over to the gym to workout so that he may gain some momentum back, & because he simply doesn’t care, his outfit has to say the same thing. Your attitude isn’t only worn on your face, but also in your appearance. Use it wisely! A man who thinks he slices & dices anything in his way like an “electric ninja”, at times goes to the drawing board to find ways to express himself. He does so by painting himself in some delicious, skin tight Alexander McQueen leggings under some distressed denim shorts. By using some appetizing textures such as these urban, dangerous leather boots, it adds another layer to this already tasty treat of a man. On a mesh, zippered, black velvet, hoodie, cut off goes to top off this already delectable delight. Add a dash of wraparound leather & hanging metal as your garnish, & you are done.

Electric Ninja Workout Look: Hoodie: Cherokee. Shorts: Levis. Leggings: Alexander McQueen. Boots: Urban Outfitters. Cuffs: Gypsy Bound. Necklace: Melany Rowe.

     Towards the end of his workout, Mr. Mickey receives a call from some friends & explains that they are meeting at their favorite coffee joint for some fresh brew & tunes, the man is always busy - never a dull moment in his life. They’d fancy a meet up to go over their next annual, fall vacation trip, one of the trips he loves & looks forward to every year. Coffee=Casual, at least half the time, & you love coffee as much as this man, then you’re always ready to showcase your love for color. How deep is your love? Hopefully, as deep as, this red-velvet cupcake colored, hand woven, leather Balenciaga bag he throws all his personal items in it. While reaching for his favorite comfortable pair of teal colored chinos he decides on a circle shape, pairing his circle patterned ZARA top with 2 oversized vintage beaded necklaces & a homemade shark tooth necklace. In this instance, you’d want to pair the colors with what you’re already wearing, not that you have to, but why would you not want to? Everything works so well together, from the bottom to the top, & seems so effortless - that’s the keyword here “EFFORTLESS”.

   South African Prep Coffee Meeting Look: Shirt: Zara. Smoking Jacket: H&M. Chinos: J Crew. Shoes: H&M. Bag: Balenciaga. Hat: Original Chuck Taylors .Sunglasses: Ray Bans. Necklace: Stylist Own. Necklace: Origins & Oddities. Bracelets: Gypsy Bound. Watch: Brera

      Directly after his meeting with friends, he rushes home to change before his monthly hair appt. with one of the top hair stylist in town, right after he is meeting a gal for dinner. The price you pay to look good can sometimes eat the wallet, but to look this good sometimes it’s a price you must pay. If you’re going to spend money on something, Mr. Mickey suggest you spend it on your hair; everybody notices your hair, if not your shoes, so why not spend a little extra to stay consistent with your look & tell them to shove it? He needs to look extra dapper for such an occasion so he dons on a pair of beautiful dark blue jeans from JOES, he decides on a light pink dress shirt by Davide Cenci with a bow tie by Calvin Klein. He blends this all very well, by color coordinating the Max Mara dinner blazer, some Beverly Hills Polo Club pink socks with these deep brown, double monk strap dress shoes he found at TOPMAN. By adding metals & leather here & there as accessories, he incorporates many different styles of texture into his outfit, which is the epitome of style. Sometimes, it’s always about the way you accessorize an outfit that can make or break your statement. Take notes from Mr. Mickey because he knows how to do it right. 

Midwestern Chic Dinner Look: Blazer: Max Mara. Button Up Shirt: Davide Cenci. Dress Shoe: Topman. Bow Tie: Calvin Klein. Belt: H&M. Socks: Beverly Hills Polo Club. Necklace: Origins & Oddities. Bracelet: Gypsy Bound. Beads: H&M. Watch: Forever 21 Men

     During his dinner, Mr. Mickey receives an urgent call from the President of his company asking him to meet as soon as possible in the conference room of their company building, along with 5 other employees. As he rushes home, he can’t help but think about how he’s so grateful he always has an outfit for every occasion waiting for this moment right now. From the everyday walking the dog outfit to a business meeting on the fly. With a quickness he changes into his already hanging black H&M 2 piece black suit, with a beautiful red & black houndstooth gifted from Paris by Two Boys Paris & completes it with a black bow tie by Ryan Seacrest Collection. Combs his hair back, grabs his SNUGG laptop case, buckles up his shoes, & as soon as he was home he’s gone without a single look back. Before he leaves the house, he grabs his on the run bag equipped with another outfit just in case he needs to jet set across the seas to another country that his business does work with. Always locked & loaded.

Rush To The Office Look: Suit: H&M. Button Up: Two Boys Paris. Belt: Fendi. Bow Tie: Ryan Seacrest Distinction. Socks: Funky Socks. Shoe: Topman. Laptop Case: Snugg

     The new age generation is slowly creeping in, but as we say at a snail’s pace, in this context we look at him as an quintessential, fashion chameleon. Mr. Mickey pulls a variety of inspiration from different cities & cultures, blends them into one & simply manifests a luxurious tasting smoothie. He finds out he must head to Machu Picchu for an exquisite, yet very time consuming task of directing a huge conference. A little bit of play, a lot of work, it’s the usual in his industry so he’s totally fine with it, especially at the expense of the company. Before he leaves the office he changes into a more comfortable outfit that betters suits comfortability like his black cotton pants by Zara, a white long t shirt by Lytbrand & a last seasons sweater from the Maison Martin Margiela X H&M collaboration that he never wore. Mr. Mickey finds nothing wrong with recycling fashion into this seasons wardrobe, after all he can do no wrong. Before throwing on his wide brimmed black fedora from Zara, he buckles his feet into his vintage gladiator sandals by ALDO & grabs his lucky sunglasses by Chilli Beans & his Louis Vuitton monogrammed tote bag, & he’s off to the airport. Sometimes he even questions how he’s always ready for the next move, he moves so quickly like fluid ready for whatever comes next. Nowadays you have to be prepared for anything, & that’s what makes you who you are.

Machu Picchu Flight Look: Sweater: H&M X Maison Martin Margiela. Shirt: Lytbrand. Pants: Zara. Luggage: Louis Vuitton. Sandals: Aldo. Hat: Zara

     Albert Einstein said, Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” He is saying that doing things wrong & making mistakes isn’t a bad thing, it’s simply part of the learning process. In affect he is saying that the only person who has never made a mistake is a person who has never done anything. The same goes for fashion , it isn’t meant to be held in a box, it’s actually quite the opposite. It wants you to challenge it, it’s meant to take risks, meant to push the boundaries, breaking all rules & finding your own voice with everything you decide to purchase. 

     Ask yourself at the end of the day, “Does what I’m wearing make me feel good?”, if the answer is no, then you just have to keep searching until it does. When that time comes, you will know. It will feel effortless, which is what personal style should be. 



Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September 2, 2015

Ordi + Eli 
Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

Fashion Comic

Today we look back at a fashion comic I created with my photographer friend, Simao Salvador, for my collaborative fashion project Ordi + Eli. Ordi + Eli was created with my best friend Danni Dee, as co-designers & best friends we decided to put it on hold for now. We both are busy with our lives & making magic happen on a daily basis, but there's no reason we can't look back to 3 years ago & appreciate the past! 

I had fun creating this so I hope you enjoy! 

Ordi + Eli Fashion Comic Credits:

Photographer: Simao Salvador
MUA/Hair: Geo Melo
Models: Kashlee & Monique
Creative Director & Wardrobe Stylist: Anthony Leroux
Location: A Leroux Styling

Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

Java Magazine Editorial

September 2015 Issue

Photographer/MUA: Nico Nordstrom
Creative Director/ Stylist: Danni Dee
Wardrobe Stylist: Anthony Leroux
Wig Specialist/ Hairstylist: Michi Lafary
Model: Rachel Eblin
Wardrobe Provided By: Melany Rowe
Taxidermy Provided By: Curious Nature