Friday, June 16, 2017

Spiritual Journey Post I: Bird Whisperer


Today was yet again another eye opening day. More awakenings & awesome magic.
Was up quite early for my morning walk down the canal love my first daily Vitamin D dose.
[Didn't make it quite the 3 miles as I made a detour to the grocery store]
The sun was just the right amount of light to wake me up a bit.

I left the house knowing a few things of what I wanted to get.
Strolled into the grocery store for a couple things, well, a couple things turned into a basket.
We all know how that works - don't we?
Ending up carrying more bags home than usual.

Upon putting groceries away I felt the need to go out back, in what I consider, my sanctuary.
An oasis of greenery, light, water, color, birds, life & love - so much generous love that is emitted from the backyard. Ask anyone who's ever been or lived here & they will tell you it's magic.
I started to see some new weeds growing in the horse shoe pit, prior I came to see the a to do list, with one line that read


This is a long stretch of green amazingness. It's grown so much over the past 7 years & just keeps growing. I call him my "Green Man" because I know he's alive. He's been with me for quite some time now & I must respect him as this is also his yard, his home, his throne. Plants are breathing, living, creatures. They have feelings, they have faces, they have life - we must respect MOTHER EARTH & all of her creations big of small.

So i started to give him a major trim from top to bottom, it reminds me of when I get a haircut, how much weight they take off. I know he's relieved.
Prior to Edward Scissor-handing him there were so many spider webs & bugs that engulfed him.
I'm sorry I neglected you so long, as bad as i feel for destroying this amazing WEB [must have taken a really long time] I needed to get my GREEN MAN back in working order.

I spent the next 2 hours picking up remnants, trimming, pruning, & watering the plants \ hosing off the deck, making sure to bless every leaf, blade of grass, inch of cement & patio.
"SHHHHHH" its like when you get out of a shower, super clean - instantly better.
I asked P if it felt any different, I could feel it right away - so much neglect & abuse vanished.
"Not really besides that bird that just hit your window," he replied.

NOW.......... this is the whole reason I started this in the first place, this off the cuff entry. I mean it's been what, 2, 3, 4 years?? I can't event remember, but yesterday I had the same thing happen.
A small pigeon flew right into my window while i was out. I had no idea how long it had been laying there helpless. [my reaction when I seen it was astounded]

By the way, it's like 100-109 here right now so you can imagine all the hectic taking place due to the heat. I however have been in NYC for Fall/Winter so I'm soaking every bit of the sun & golden rays!
So back to my story, just a couple hours ago, another bird flew into the window - I stopped what I was doing, went up the spiral staircase & low & behold there it was. I let out a heavy sigh.

Now, these past couple days, birds & insects have been calling to me. I'm a firm believer on animal totems & spiritual beings so I follow these things religiously.
Owls have been following me the most, but I have seen quite the few: Commodore, which I've never seen in my entire life, the usual neighborhood canal ducks, crows [quite a few] & all types of little ones.

So before deciding what to do with the birds, RIP little guys, I was meditating for a good hour & taking to the Sun & Mother Earth : Mother, Father, GOD. Tears continually ran down my face, some real in depth connecting with the universe - goosebumps, wind gusts, trees swaying, & the wind chimes were speaking to me through "gongs".

Talk to the universe, I promise it will talk back, just make sure your intention is coming from a good place, make it less about your ego, ask questions, listen, wait, ask more questions, use this moment to be one with yourself & your angels. Talking out loud helps, words speak volumes, & are spells - so please be careful what you write or say because it generates & manifests.

it dawned on me the day before the first one collapsed I wrote on my bathroom mirror to add to the rest of my affirmations

"Be a flamingo, in a flock of pigeons"

Now, I would never wish ill well on anyone, I don't have the heart for it. I care to much, I'm a healer, an empath, an light energy worker, a spiritual being just hear to lend a hand of healing touch.
We are magical & powerful beyond measures, but it doesn't work if you aren't being true to yourself.
WHITE WING COLLECTIVE - guardian angels & spirits of your past exist, seek ascension.

I went into the garage to grab a small box, grabbed some fabric - this one specifically had birds on it, grabbed a rock I brought back from Malibu, wrote PHOENIX with a sharpie on it, a gold leaf & 2 plants to pot for 2 lives. I saged it 3 times at this point, chanting "ohm" as I covered the box 2 ft down with the dirt I shoveled up.

[I've never done this before, I was just doing my duty to the world & also, the birds watching me. I"m telling you think I might be an animal/insect/creature whisperer - I'm saving insects all the time, especially BEES, which is supposed to represent Summer Surrounding, ironic cause Summer Solstice is coming up! Right after I patted it back into place, I instantly felt a lift off my shoulders & a wave of beaks speaking to me.

Remember, we are protected. I am protected. We are loved. I am loved. We are enough. I am enough.
We are abundant, I am abundant. We are one, the universe is one.
Breathing, coexisting & conscious of each breath, thought, feeling. This is why it's important for us to touch someone's else's life before it's too late for them. You see someone struggling, say something.
Do something. Be the light.

I work in the dark, to serve the light. There are very few of us left. The path isn't for all, so please don't meddle. Stay protected & like Cherish Coole says, "Love & Light" ALWAYS!!


In the past month I have encountered coyotes, snakes, snails, cats, butterflies, hummingbirds, a bat, &  lizards. It's been quite the journey if you follow animal symbolisms & angel #'s - sacred scribe journal. Thanks for reading. :)

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- Leroux

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