Sunday, April 10, 2016

#NYFWM Fall/ Winter 2016 Part I

#NYFWM Fall/Winter 2016 

       Here I sit 35,000 ft. above the ground, somewhere above between Arizona & New Mexico heading to St. Louis to make my connecting flight to La Guardia. I can’t help during times like this, but pull out my Macbook Air & start, what seems like a year in the making, catching up on my fashion blog that I seem to have lacked over the past month or so. I’ve been pretty busy with work, home, NYFWM, NYFW, Coterie, The Oscars, but it’s no excuse. it seems to never end for me & after staring at a screen for a majority of the day during the work hours, the last thing I want to do is open up the bright screen before me & start putting my thoughts into a document for those of you that choose to follow me & read. [I value your time]  Don’t judge me, I can feel you rolling your eyes at me- I can’t help but get kind of deep & philosophical when I write, so it takes me some concentration & time to put it all into words; but hey this is my blog, if you want entertainment go read Perez Hilton or turn on E! This is my life & “you’re welcome” that I choose to share it with you, we have a voice in this world, the question is how will you choose to use yours?  

Since we’re on the topic of life, slowly, but surely we begin to look at life with a little bit more pep in our step, more of an interest year after year, where we’re eager to learn about new things day in & day out, at least that’s the way I’ve felt about it since I was a little boy. Always hoping for the best, sometimes being let down, but having the drive to continue on regardless of the obstacles of accomplishments we’ve overcame. In a world where sometimes it seems that everything around you is in a sudden frenzy of discombobulation we have to remain positive & never stop dreaming because once we let go of our hope, what else do we have left to strive for? We have to understand that everything we speak, word for word, these are the things we manifest for ourselves into existence. I think that’s where the term, “Be careful what you wish for,” comes from & the POWER of words & what it can do for US. Positivity breeds positivity. Let’s not forget this!

Above: iPhone shot of half of the fashionable crowd  the Archetype Showroom + Galore Group FW 16 Presentation on January 28, 2016 at their new showroom, located in downtown NYC. 

Below: Another iPhone photo of the section of the NYFWM Presentation at the Galore Group FW 16 Men’s Collection showcasing WHYRED & ENTER. 

       I have to say this year was the first year I actually went for something so drastic I even surprised myself with the decision I made- that was to pack up my clothes, book a one way & move to the beautiful NYC. Mind it, that was about 7 months ago today, but we’ll talk about this at a later date to be decided, for now let’s get back to the subject at hand- FASHION

NYFWM started out quite chic this season, this being my first one, which I was excited to be apart of in every way. What I was hoping for this season, I necessarily wasn’t aware, it wasn’t  celebrities, it wasn’t the parties, it wasn’t the models, so what was it? I think I have fully allowed myself to be engulfed into fashion in every way that I’m just excited to experience something fresh & new. When I can do these things with new & old fashionistas I find it even more entertaining & enjoyable, imagine a “Sex In The City” type group, but everyone’s dressed to the 9’s & having knowledge that stemmed from everything art, music, fashion, architecture, etc. - most of which are underprivileged artists

Earlier this year I met a fellow fashion enthusiast Per, through Kerime Ataker, President & Co-Founder of John Paul Ataker, the fashion brand I work for. He came into the showroom one day just to say hi to Ms. Ataker & I later found out he has his own showroom, Galore Group, which also doubles as a PR & Marketing company for men’s & women’s clothing & accessory brands. Per caters to designers from Sweden & brings them to the US market, whether it be trade shows, photoshoots, or direct sales helping them to branch in to the US fashion industry.

It just so happened that they personally invited me to their NYFWM Fall/Winter 2016 Presentation in association with Archetype Showroom so what better what to start my week than with a great social event to network with fellow fashion people, clothes, shoes, bags, cocktails, photographers, what more could you ask for in our industry. Mind it, this was my first NYFWM function so I wasn’t sure what to expect, & when you already put yourself into a new situation, you can’t help but be shy for the first hour or so, at least until the liquid courage creeps in. I was grateful my amazing fashion photographer friend Dhrumil was with me cause he didn’t hesitate to meet & greet people left & right- I like the way this guy works with no fear what so ever. Business cards being traded, hands being met, smiles being exchanged, small banter back & forth, joyful laughs, cameras flashing, so basically a good time with good vibes. Dhrumil & I, met a couple of new people, including this very fashionable, inspiring group of young people that seemed to have known each other for years, or what seems to be a lifetime. This group included a photographer, blogger & social media savvy fashionista. This only reminds me, “Bring your A+ game if you plan on coming to NYC.”   

Left to right: DHRUMIL DESAI [], JACK RAY founder of [], IGEE OKAFOR Menswear Enthusiast [], myself ANTHONY LEROUX] & DELANIQUE MILLWOOD editor of Serving Style NYC.

Anthony Leroux